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Math sprout is great for Elementary school kids. My daughter has been doing this program for a few months now, she really likes it. It gives her excellent math practice. The rewards program which is unique in this program motivates her to do it every day. She was very excited when she earned enough reward points for the wind-up tumbling monkey.

Sree V., mother of a 4th grader, CA

Welcome to Math Sprout!

Math Sprout helps students build confidence in math from Pre-Kindergarten through the 5th grade.

Through a daily regimen of practicing key skills, students lose their intimidation of math and learn to recognize what is being asked of them in tests and homework. This empowers them to solve problems without stress.

Math Sprout takes just 15 minutes a day.

After you enroll your student in the program, practice workbooks will be mailed directly to your home. After your student has completed the workbooks, the parent or student will post the scores in your secure area on mathsprout.com. As your student works through our curriculum, you can track their progress on our website.

Your student will gain proficiency in basic math functions and will lose their fear of story problems and various testing scenarios. They will learn to recognize what is being asked of them and will be able to solve problems with greater speed and confidence.